Monday, 25 April 2011

As I pack my room, I'm looking through all the old stuff which I've kept. Those birthday cards, pictures, letters, presents... Reading and looking at them really brings back happy memories. I guess this is what you would call nostalgia.

Now we're all growing up. I'm enlisting into army in less than 2 weeks. Everyone's moving and changing. Don't be mistaken. I'm not sad that we're growing up. Ah just that when I look back, I realise how blessed I am and all the wonderful people I've met.

I'm really thankful for everything and for all my friends. I feel really really really blessed.

My friends are so awesome, and I can't to share with the world how awesome my friends are =D

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Monday, 28 March 2011

Ah it's been a long time since I'm here. Pretty ironic that the previous post was the 1st day after I stopped work.

Past 2 weeks have been quite good. I feel so relaxed and free and carefree. Frankly, I've been dreaming a lot. A LOT. Almost every night I've a dream. And some dreams were really weird, while some were quite nice heh. Also, I've been having problem sleeping at night. I can sleep almost anywhere anytime, except on my bed at bedtime. My mind just becomes so active and awake the moment I turn off the lights and lie on my bed. Maybe it's because I've been sleeping too much and too late for the past 2 weeks.

I still can't believe I went to work today. Now that I'm back at work, I intend to work until the end of this week, or maybe even next week. The main reason why I'm back at work is simply because I've no more money, and I don't want to take money from my parents. Hopefully I can pay driving lessons as much as possible.

Office seems really different now. The office's much quieter, and emptier. Firstly, I've no more friends there. Also, there were only 3 people, including me, at the office today. The job's getting lesser so less people need to come. ah I feel so lonely in the office. I feel like a lonely dood in a lonely office cubicle.

My job's also kinda changing. I used to be typing and packing. Yet for the past few times I've worked, including today, I've been calling people. Calling them to request for payment since their previous payment failed. Also, since I'm using the phone most of the time, I'll have to pick up the phone and now I've to solve the problems these people have too. Sometimes it's the fault of my colleague who failed to solve it and the person's really unhappy but I get scolded.

Gah today had one of the worst ever parent caller. Worst teacher caller too. The teacher wasn't even bothered to understand what I was saying, and merely wanted to know what to do. After explaining to her, all she ask was "so what you want?" After explaining to her again, all she says is "SO WHAT YOU WANT?" And she also said "I never hope to hear from you again." The more I think about it, the more frustrated I get. AAh seriously, theses unreasonable people who can't be bothered about others. They think they're the only ones having a headache. Yet they fail to realise that the poor dood behind the phone is frantically typing away in search of answers too and asking around trying to help them. I mean, c'mon, I'm as clueless as you. What's worse is I've to bear with them and answer them in a nice tone. I think one of these days I'm gonna tell someone off. These people are seriously monsters.

Anyone has any private driving instructor to introduce to me at SSDC(the one at woodlands)? The driving center has an earlier test date compared to CDC at Ubi so I intend to go SSDC for my practical exam, hopefully before I enlist. OR ELSE it's gonna be so SOo troublesome.

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Monday, 7 March 2011

Day 1 after I've stopped work. I actually do intend to go back sometime soon if possible when I'm bored or rested enough. Well, we'll see how things go.

I'm quite confused about the whole university thing, their modules, degrees and all. Sometimes you've to go through the system to understand it. Just like JC, I didn't understand the H2 H1 thing until I've been through JC. Yet this time, if I do not understand the university system, I'm really afraid I'll make a wrong decision. Not that I've many choices, but I really do not want to regret my choice. Some may see me as picky or irritating, but well, that's just me. Choosing a university and a course is a pretty big decision to me, so I gotta make it a good one! Man, I gotta talk to some experts soon.

I realised most of my posts don't have much about what I do. I realised I don't really like to talk about details about my day and how I've spent it, but I've been saying more about my thoughts and all. Ah just a random discovery.

See I didn't talk about what I did today! And it's not on purpose! I only realised after I've finished typing this whole thing.

Oh and Mr Bean, you know the soya milk thing, has really really yummy pearls! Really! Go try it!

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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Man I'm disappointed. Utterly utterly disappointed in myself.

My results ain't hopeless, yet I was hoping for more. I was looking forward to the day I could finally be proud of myself, and my parents being proud of me. Ah well.

Today could have been the most most most disappointing day of my life so far. I think it could have been because I've never ever worked so hard for something and wanted something so badly.

I've been thinking, could coming to JC actually be a mistake? Could I be over-estimating my abilities? I really wonder...

Ah well now I guess I'll just have to choose whatever course I want. Yet frankly, I don't know what I want. I somehow picture future Gabriel to be corporate Gabriel.

What do I want?

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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Friday was the last day of 2 of my friends, so we went for a neck and shoulder massage! It's kinda difficult to describe the massage but I would say it's painfully enjoyable. Anyway we'll prolly gonna meet up sometime this week to go for the foot massage heh.

The past few days has been great!

Met up with my friends on Friday and Saturday. Managed to met up with those NS doods to hear about their really "enjoyable" NS lives. Ah it's gonna be my turn soon. Well I'm not really looking forward to it, yet honestly I'm not really hating it.

Tomorrow its back to work again, and first day with only 1 of my friend left at the office. I've kinda made the decision to stop working at the end of this week and I've already told boss. I'll probably go back a few days to help out once in a while when I'm free though, since boss says I can go back anytime I want to work hehe. Anyway, I'm having driving lessons and dinner out tomorrow after work so lets hope it'll be an awesome day!

Ah I really wonder what I'm gonna do after I've stopped working. I've a few things in mind now. I'm really looking forward to them happening soon!

Watch this MV! This is a really happy song! The dance and music makes me wanna move along too!

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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Came across this story while reading RD's joke app on my phone.

Pet Sitter

We were going out of state for 6 weeks and asked the neighbours' nine-year-old son to care for our dog. We explained that the job required feeding, grooming, waking and, most of all, plenty of love and play time. Then we asked him what the job would be worth to him.

"I'll give you 10 bucks", he said.

- Joan Klingler

How nice is that story! As simple as it may be, it somehow touched me. Oh the innocence, purity and love a child has.

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Our 2 bosses today were arguing and they got really really angry. It's kinda scary but they got over it after a while and everything was back to normal.

Work today was pretty awesome. Our head took half day leave so he only came in after lunch. Plus, most of our work has been completed so boss gave us this long name list of 18k people to check for errors. It wasn't so bad cos we had the room to ourselves and the doors were closed so we kinda enjoyed ourselves. Our head came in after lunch, but he left after a while. We had the room to ourselves again. It's not like we don't do work, or we play. We don't play games during working hours. We do work, but we multi task and we've the freedom to say whatever we want and we really enjoy it.

Tomorrow's gonna be 2 of my colleagues' last day at work. At this point of time, I'm more inclined to stop working than continue working. I've a lot going on my mind, but I really don't know what to do.

Anyway, we've decided to order Domino's pizza for lunch and to get a massage after work tomorrow to celebrate their last day at work. I've always wanted to get a massage ever since I was studying for the A levels. Initially I wanted it to kinda reward myself after studying for the A levels, now it's just cos I want to. I wanna get the back and neck massage. I also want the feet massage, cos I'm curious how it feels but I don't think I'll enjoy it. hehe


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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Ah my computer's dead. Beyond resuscitation. How frustrating. Now I'm bored at home and I can't do much since my laptop's in the office and it's super troublesome to carry it everday. Now I'm using my mum's really small netbook. Ah I want my computer... =(

I'm really bored after work everyday. I don't like the routine of work, home, work, home. I personally find it very meaningless. Everyday I come home, and I don't like this feeling of emptiness. I can't really explain it. I just really really really don't like it. Days just pass, but I'm not going anywhere. I think I seriously need to meet up with my friends more often.

Ah anyway, driving today was kinda tricky. Weather was super bad. Visibility was poor. I could barely see 20m ahead of me due to the heavy rain. Lucky my instructor brought an auto car today so it'll be easier for me, and the weather got better as time passed. Practiced parking today. Hmm pretty interesting, and it's actually not as easy as it looks. I was kinda stressed out while doing parking. Oh well, practice makes perfect. Or does it....?

Work has been actually getting worse with each day. There's this internal conflict between the head and us workers which is growing everyday. Okay la not so much of me, I don't really bother I just sit there and enjoy the show. 2 of my friends are quitting at the end of this week, and my last friend will be leaving next week cos he'll be going poly soon. So, I'm gonna be left alone. While I don't have any conflict with my head, I honestly don't really like working under them. Plus I don't really like my job. It first started out fine, yet after 3 weeks, it's seriously BORING. But mostly cos I don't like my heads. 1 of the aunty's really awesome. Yet the others seem like evil backstabbers. This job's been quite fun, bearable, and enjoyble at times cos of my friends, after they leave, it's not gonna be the same.

Thus, I'm stuck in a dilemma. I just can't make a decision.
Should I quit with them, or should I just continue working? I don't like the heads and the job, but I like the money too plus I'll be totally aimless without a job. Someone with wisdom please advice me.

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